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Naish Naish Hover Carbon Crossover 3in1 Foil Board 2019 ArtNr.:

Das beliebte Allround & Wave-SUP Board von Naish

  • Naish Hover Carbon Crossover 3in1 Foil Board 2019
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Naish Hover Carbon Crossover 3in1 Foil Board 2019

Especially fun on small, mushy waves, the Hover 150 Crossover features a wide shape with ample volume—ideal for large riders. A huge sweetspot helps novice to advanced foilers gain confidence quickly while the balanced nose provides bounce off the water during the occasional touch down.

Two, 10” US boxes create a bottom track system, which makes it more convenient to switch between sports on this 3-in-1 crossover. To SUP-foil, simply set to the forward position. For windsurf-foiling, set to the backmost position, affix a sail to the mast track deck box and attach footstraps to a multitude of insert positions. When you’re finished foiling, utilize the quad fin setup for a SUP-surfing session.

The Hover 150 comes with standard FCS fins, yet are equipped with the FCS II Eco Fin System for those who prefer to use tool-less fins from FCS.


  • LENGTH: 8'0" / 243.8 cm
  • WIDTH: 32 1/2" / 82.6 cm
  • THICKNESS: 4 7/8" / 12.4 cm
  • VOLUME: 150 L
  • SUP Board (Board ohne Foil)
  • Finne

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Naish Hover 2019

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